Spotlight SVG Motors / Steve VanGorder

SVG stands for Steve VanGorder. Just kidding! It actually stands for “Superior Value Guaranteed.”

And that’s exactly what I found when I visited Steve there a few weeks ago.  You haven’t seen transparency in an auto purchasing transaction until you’ve bought a car from SVG Motors, which is located on Rt. 40 in Vandalia. Price is the first thing discussed and the discomfort is removed right off the bat. The same goes with your trade-in, resulting in NO BRAIN DAMAGE! 

SVG’s motto is “Raise your expectations. NOT your car payment!”

Steve says that dealerships have been afraid to embrace the internet. At SVG Motors, they can’t do without it! They use technology not only to their full advantage, but to the customer’s also. SVG accesses “Auto Trader” & “” as soon as you sit down. They check prices of comparable cars by searching within a 100 mile radius. Usually SVG is one of the 3 lowest, but if they aren’t, they drop the price “on the spot” before you have made your first offer! Heck, they even throw in 3 years of FREE oil changes!

Now that’s what I call Superior Value Guaranteed!

How many people can say they’re actually living their childhood dream? Well Steve can. He has dreamed of owning his own business for quite a long time.

In order to understand how successful people got where they are in life, I think it’s necessary to take a look back. Steve grew up a military brat and lived in Germany, Japan and Spain. At age 17, he secured his first job working on a military base commissary in Idaho. Steve’s responsibility was setting up demonstrations of the latest and greatest stereo equipment. He had a knack for it, and customers and fellow employees were impressed. His Department Manager told him that he belonged in sales (car sales specifically) and encouraged him to apply at the local dealership, which he did!

His family then relocated to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Here in Dayton, Steve found a job at Elder-Beerman. When asked by his new supervisor if he liked working for them, Steve replied, “I’m just working here until I find what I really want to do.” His boss suggested he move on…so he did.

Realizing how much he missed the car business, he hired on as a salesman at Jack Huelsman Chevrolet. While there, he worked his way up through the ranks ending up as General Manager…helping to increase the bottom line along the way. Still feeling the nudge to own his own business, he took the leap by opening SGV Motors this past August.

Steve is a competitive guy by nature, and always loved the comradery of being on a winning team. He was your typical “3 sport guy” in high school playing football, basketball and baseball. Steve has taken that competitive spirit and used it to produce a winner in the very competitive auto sales market. Surrounding himself with the right people has been one of his keys to success. Team members Jeff VanGorder, Tony Garofalo, Debbie Edwards, Don Potter, and Matt Robison work just as hard as Steve does to provide the customer the best car buying experience possible.

You have never met a team so motivated to sell vehicles. Steve points out that “BIG” egos rule the “BIG” dealerships. He doesn’t have to “hit the home run” on every deal because he sells at a pace at which very few are capable. SVG Motors’ philosophy is WHY BUY NEW? Why would you buy a new car when you can buy a beautiful used car with low miles at up to 50% of a new car’s list price? Do you really want to pay that much more just for that new car smell!?

I walked away from SVG Motors highly impressed and have no doubt where I’ll be purchasing my next vehicle. SVG has the best selection of “almost new” vehicles in the Dayton area. If you don’t believe me, go check out their website.
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