SVG Chevrolet celebrates official grand opening

GREENVILLE – After taken over the dealership in July 2015, SVG Chevrolet in Greenville celebrated with an official grand opening Saturday morning. The dealership staff were joined by several local elected officials, including Greenville Mayor Steve Willman, Darke County Clerk of Courts Cindy Pike and Commissioners Mike Rhoades and Diane Delaplane, for a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the special event.

“We really never had a chance to officially hold a grand opening back in 2015 since we really didn’t have a full inventory and just had so much going on during the transition of ownership,” said SVG Chevrolet President/CEO Steve VanGorder. “We have had an amazing year and what better way to celebrate that success!”

VanGorder purchased the business from Ron Garrett, who opened the doors in 1991. Along with Garrett, most of the staff have remained employed at the dealership since it became SVG.

“I have always dreamed of owning my own Chevy dealership. Greenville is a great place and the people are just amazing,” VanGorder explained. “We have been moving around 100 cars a month and having great success – thanks to this awesome team we have here at SVG.”

VanGorder, who is known for his quirky catchphrase commercials, said they plan several future upgrades to the Greenville location…including expanding the lot size and overhauling the showroom and facade to match the Chevy dealership branding enhancements.

“We have people from all over coming to Greenville to check us out,” added VanGorder. “Now, wherever I go I get people that look at me and say ‘GREENville’ from what they hear me say on the TV ads…Its great!”
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