Could your keychains be damaging your vehicle?

The case against keychains has been on-going for decades but rarely does anyone explain just how or why keychains aren't good for your vehicle. We're about to change that! Below, we explore why keychains could damage your vehicle's ignition system and how to identify a potential ignition problems.

Who doesn't love keychains? Especially for new drivers, they're a great way to show off your personality, and celebrate the independence that being able to drive brings. However, the heavier the keychain, the more likely your vehicle is to experience ignition system problems.

A heavy keychain is constantly tugging on the delicate tumblers inside your ignition. Couple that with the extra pull from bouncing when driving over bumps and damage to your ignition switch is inevitable.

As anyone who's driven knows, the ignition switch has multiple positions - one to turn on accessories such as the radio, one to crank or start the engine, and one for when the engine is running. Because we use the ignition every time we use our cars, they deserve to be cared for. One of the best ways you can take good care of it is to lighten its load and not hang heavy keychains from it.

If you've used a heavy keychain for several years, though, you could find yourself experiencing one of the following symptoms, which can signal that damage has occurred and you need to seek out the help of the professional service technicians at SVG so you don't end up stranded.

  • Car dies while driving - One minute you're driving along happily, and suddenly your engine quits running. This could very likely be due to the ignition system failing because it's cut off power to the ignition and fuel system. If this happens, you may be able to wait a while and restart the vehicle, but often, you'll be left stranded.

  • Vehicle won't start at all - You jump in your vehicle, and you're ready to head off to work. You twist the key and --nothing. Many people immediately assume this is a dead battery, and will ask for a jump-start. When this doesn't remedy the problem, frustration turns to desperation as they realize the problem is more complicated.

  • Engine starts, but immediately stalls - What's happening is the system provides power to the fuel pump and enough power to start the engine but once you release the ignition from the cranking position, the connection is lost. Time to schedule service. 

  • Accessories refuse to work  - You've turned the ignition to the "accessories" position but the interior lights, dashboard lights, and radio refuse to work. While this problem can also be caused by problems with wiring or simple fuses, it could also be a problem with your ignition system. 

  • Key is difficult to take out - If your key gets stuck or is difficult to remove, it may mean it's time for a new ignition switch.

  • Vehicle stays running after key is pulled out a bad ignition may cause the engine to continue running even though you’ve removed the key.

If you suspect your vehicle may be experiencing ignition system problems, schedule an appointment with the Service Department at SVG. The professional technicians will inspect your vehicle and let you know if it need repairs. At SVG, you'll always be treated like family.

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