It's time to visit the body shop if this is on your vehicle

If you love your vehicle and want to keep it looking like new, one of the best and easiest things you can do to accomplish this is to regularly wash your vehicle and keep it clean. There are many enemies out there, ready and willing to ruin the paint on your ride. If you've experienced any of these things, it could mean you need paint repair and should visit the body shop at SVG Chevrolet Buick GMC in Urbana.

1.) Tree Sap. If you park outside under trees, it's likely you've had tree sap on your paint. Tree sap acts like a glue, and it spreads around on your paint. It can actually eat away at the paint!
2.) Bird droppings. Birds that poo on your paint are doing you no favors. Undigested seeds or even gravel can damage your paint. Birds that eat berries often have dark droppings that can stain paint finishes as well. Many birds have acidic poo that can eat paint!
3.) Hard water. If you have well water, it likely contains many minerals that can etch themselves into your paint if not removed. If you wash your vehicles with well water, be sure to dry them right away. Dried minerals are nearly impossible to remove from paint.
4.) Gasoline. Overfilled your tank? That residue on your paint is not good! It can damage or stain the paint.
5.) Bugs. Many bugs are highly acidic. Removing splattered bugs from your paint helps keep that acid from eating away at the paint.
6.) Dirty sponges/towels/cleaning tools. Those self-serve car washes you take your vehicle too can be a dangerous place for your paint. Often, people will use those brushes to clean off road debris such as gravel, mud, and tar from their vehicle. You pop in expecting to come out with a clean car, but instead you've rubbed that brush against your paint and someone else's residue has scratched up your paint. Same goes for your sponges you have at home...make sure they're clean before washing your vehicle!

While paint may seem like it's there just to make your vehicle look nice, it serves a very important purpose. It protects the metal your vehicle is made of. Without the paint in place to protect the metal, your vehicle is exposed to moisture from rain, fog and snow. Anywhere that there is a crack in your paint, road grime, moisture and contaminants such as salt can find its way to your metal and bad things begin to happen...mainly, rust. Rust can form extremely quickly, and once it begins, it's difficult to control. It's much easier and more affordable to fix small cracks and chips than to replace an entire body panel that's been ruined due to rust. That's why we recommend not only regularly cleaning your vehicle, but if you do spot an issue, bring it to the SVG Urbana body shop and let our technicians fix it right away before it can turn into a bigger problem.
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