Future vehicle tech, available NOW! Part 1

What a time to be alive! Vehicle manufacturers have pushed the limits of technology to provide us with not only time-saving and ultra-cool features, but those that can improve the safety of both drivers and passengers. Today we present a list of some of our favorite technology features that make us feel like we're living in the same future with George Jetson!
  • Alert driving sensors. Long road trips can introduce you to a phenomenon known as road hypnosis. This can decrease your alertness and put you at risk for an accident. This isn't the only time that being alert can be compromised. Let's say you overslept and you jump up right away to get to work quickly. You've not given your body the appropriate time to fully awaken, so you're a bit drowsy. This increases your risk of nodding off at the wheel and wrecking. Car companies have developed systems that learn how you drive and send you alerts to warn you to pull over and take a rest when you start swaying or being reckless.
  • Recycling alternators that save energy for your car and reduce gas consumption. Renewable energy is important, especially when it comes to vehicles since they can have a big carbon footprint. Some manufacturers have introduced a system that stores kinetic energy every time you hit the brakes. Depressing the brakes converts that energy to electricity and uses that current to power headlights, AC systems, and your infotainment system.
  • Hands-free access to your Android or iPhone for safer driving. By now, everyone has been taught that it's very dangerous to use your phone while driving. Because our smartphones often display information we need while driving (such as map directions), Google and Apple created Android Auto and CarPlay for hands-free access.
  • Night vision and radar detection for object avoidance. Even when using your high-beams, there are times when visibility is still low. Obviously a lack of visibility can increase the likelihood of accidents but car manufacturers have developed actual night vision dashboard systems. They work with sensors and allow you to see and avoid wildlife like raccoons, deer, or other road obstacles even in the darkest of landscapes.
  • Voice recognition. Manufacturers have now recognized the need for an infotainment system that can respond to your request to complete a task. For example, in many new vehicles, you can simply say, "Where is the closest restaurant?" or "Give me directions home?" and the system will respond.

How amazing are these great tech features and the engineers that developed them? We'd love to find out what your favorite features are!