Are Silverado and Sierra the same? The answer might surprise you!

GM fans know the T1 platform trucks are not only dependable, but some of the best looking trucks available. Being built on the same T1 platform means the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra are truly brothers. However, just like human brothers, they do have their differences. Let's explore these differences.

1.) Looks. The Silverado has long been known as the "everyman's" truck, capable of performing well all while possessing rugged good looks. The Sierra has always been known as possessing a bit more elegance and luxury than its Silverado counterpart. For example, take a look at these two vastly different front end shots:

In addition to the different exterior looks, the two trucks have some different color and trim options. Basically, when it comes to looks between the Silverado and Sierra, it's down to personal preference.

2.) Price. Luxury usually costs more. Surprisingly though, even though the Sierra is marketed as a luxury truck, its price tag is typically within $1000 of the Silverado's price.

3.) Features. GM has a long history of building the Silverado and Sierra as identical twins, however that is no longer the case. Not only do the two trucks sport entirely different looks, the Sierra boasts  a few upgrades that the Silverado does not. The first feature difference is the available CarbonPro bed on Sierra. CarbonPro is a bed box constructed out of carbon fiber which is intended to increase durability and efficiency while also offering dent, scratch and corrosion resistance. The next Sierra feature is the MultiPro tailgate which offers 6 different configurations for your tailgate. For more information about the MultiPro tailgate, click here. Finally, the Sierra offers its buyers Adaptive Ride Control (ARC). The job of ARC is to provide enhanced driving refinement and precision responsiveness. It's important to note that the Silverado offers Magnetic Ride Control, which accomplishes the same tasks as ARC, albeit in a different way. Both systems have received industry praise.

The bottom line is that choosing between the two trucks mainly comes down to personal preference. For those seeking a slightly more luxurious look and feel and don't mind coughing up a few more dollars, the Sierra should be your first choice. For those who are diehard "Bowtie 'Til I Die" and appreciate saving some money, the Silverado is the truck for you. Either way, SVG Urbana is ready to help get you in your next ride! Click here to view our full Silverado inventory, and click here to see our Sierra inventory.

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