Will flying "cars" be the next advancement in green technology?

If you love cartoons or are over a certain age, surely you remember George Jetson tooling around space in his "flying car". Most children who grew up watching the Jetsons envisioned a future where flying cars would be the norm. As we all know, that isn't exactly how things turned out...yet.

photo credit:  Hanna Barbera

With the popularity of drones increasing and new uses for them being discovered every day, several tech companies have been eyeing them as having potential to transport people, albeit for fairly short distances. Being battery powered means that drones would be an environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Enter the Flying KYXZ, a prototype drone capable of transporting one person (with a maximum weight  of 220 lbs) for a 15 minute flight. This vehicle is getting tremendous attention from both tech companies and green companies who are eager to improve its range so that it can be mass produced.

Here's a demonstration video of the KYXZ:

Would you "fly" to work in a drone? Or are you more interested in keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground? Either way, you can bet that if drone vehicles are marketed to every day drivers, SVG will bring them to you!
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