Why Buy a GMC Acadia?

Is your family growing or are you needing a vehicle that has greater capability than you currently have? Don't feel like you're the minivan type? If you answered yes to these questions, you might consider a new GMC Acadia! SUVs have become the most popular choice for families, and the GMC Acadia offers you practicality, affordability, superior styling, and advanced safety and technology features.

Ten Reasons Why the Acadia Is Your Best Choice:

  1. The GMC Acadia is an attractive vehicle. SUVs are traditionally known for having squared features that don't flow well. The Acadia has a smooth, sophisticated appearance that is very appealing.
  2. The Acadia is very roomy. Whether you have one or several children, it's a great fit! It has three rows of seating. Its roomy interior allows even fully grown adults to fit in the 3rd row with plenty of leg room.
  3. The Acadia gives its owners plenty of cargo space. With lots of room for groceries or luggage, it's also a great vehicle for road trips. Need to haul larger items like furniture? The second and the third rows of seats can be folded down to provide up to 116 cubic feet of storage.
  4. All SUVs are traditionally top-heavy. This can make handling less than smooth. This isn't a problem with the Acadia. It has a stable, consistent drive, even on uneven terrain.
  5. Live in the midwest where weather can turn bad in a moment's notice? The Acadia has available all-wheel drive, which is very helpful in sketchy weather.
  6. Long road trips with the family can be less than pleasant if the the interior of your vehicle isn't comfortable. The Acadia offers a very comfortable interior. As a daily driver, the Acadia is a dream!
  7. Safety is one of the most important aspects of a family vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter. The Acadia received a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, so you can travel at ease knowing safety is paramount.
  8. With new technologically advanced safety features, the GMC Acadia helps avoid collisions.
  9. By pairing safety assist features with multiple airbags, your occupants are more likely to avoid serious injury in an accident.
  10. The Acadia has stability control technology. Using computer-controlled technology, the vehicle can help correct actions the driver takes in the event of a sudden steering wheel jerk.

If the GMC Acadia sounds like the perfect fit for you, visit the sales professionals at SVG Urbana in Champaign County, Ohio. They'll be happy to help you find the Acadia that not only meets your individuals needs but also your budget.