Major causes of engine failure


Major causes of engine failure


Proper maintenance of your vehicle is critical to keep it running well for a long time. The service technicians at SVG can help you keep your vehicle perfectly maintained. Here are some of the most common reasons that engines fail.


#1: Neglecting oil changes. Remember when you buy a vehicle at SVG, you’ll get 3 years of oil changes for free. This will definitely get you on the road to a long, healthy life for your engine.


#2: Ignoring oil leaks. If you notice a drip on your driveway or parking spot, don’t ignore it. Like ignoring oil changes, driving your vehicle with too little engine oil will cause internal friction damaging engine components.


#3:  Disregarding check engine or check oil lights. It’s important to protect the integrity of your engine by bringing it to SVG for diagnosis if a check engine light comes on.


#4:  Ignoring cooling system issues. If your vehicle overheats, it is very easy for your engine to become damaged quickly.


#5: Driving through standing water. If water enters your engine it can cause significant problems such as bent piston rods.