What is the Superior Value Guarantee? The SVG Auto Group is committed to providing our customers with the best value in a 50 mile radius. But it means so much more than that.

 A Focus On You Options Transparency Relationships
 SVG employees value customers and take the time to listen to their individual needs and circumstances.After evaluating your needs and circumstances, you'll be presented with options for everything from financing to after-sale vehicle protection.  Everyone loves surprises, until it comes time to buy a vehicle. SVG employees are committed to being 100% transparent so there are no unpleasant surprises. The relationships we develop with customers are intended to last a lifetime. We treat you like family and work hard to earn your repeat business.

The Benefits

The Superior Value Guarantee isn't just a philosophy or ethos we live by; it includes a full suite of tangible benefits as well. They include:

  3 Month, 3000 Mile warranty on all pre-owned vehicles. We promise to stand by what we sell.  

3 full years of FREE oil changes (even if your car uses synthetic!) Buying a car is a major investment for most people and one of the best ways to protect that investment is to regularly change the oil. With this service, you'll receive 2 free oil changes per year for 3 full years.

One full year of FREE paintless dent repair. Those annoying little door dings that detract from the look of your new car will be a thing of the past because we give you this service for free for one full year after your purchase. Again, we want to help you protect your investment.

Seven day return/exchange policy. You have the right to change your mind. It happens. And we won't penalize you for it. If after purchasing your vehicle, you decide within seven days you'd like a different one, you can bring your car back and exchange it for a vehicle of equal or lesser value with no penalties or return it altogether. Please note that any vehicle sold in "as-is" condition with no warranty is not eligible for the 7 day return/exchange policy.

Best value in 50 miles. Value is greater than price. We invite you to visit other dealerships within a 50 mile radius of our Urbana, OH store location and get their best deal. Then, ask if that dealership is willing to give you 3 years of free oil changes, one year of free paintless dent repair, a 3-month/3000 mile warranty on pre-owned vehicles, and a 7 day exchange option. If they aren't, then it's time to come to SVG and experience what it means to get a good deal.

Information and education. We're the car experts, but we aren't going to hide that knowledge. Instead, we regularly share informative and educational articles in our blog on our website. You can learn about many things in our blog, such as how leases work, what to do if you have bad credit, how to properly wax your car and much more. We are industry leaders, and the only way we can maintain that position is to share our knowledge with you while we strive to always be learning ourselves and do it on a regular basis.

Legal disclaimers. There are a few limits surrounding our 7-day Return/Exchange Policy. The first day of your 7-day ownership period starts on the day that you take delivery of the vehicle. If you decide to exchange or return your vehicle, please let us know prior to 5 p.m. EST on the 6th calendar day after receiving it. We will make arrangements with you to coordinate the exchange or return at that time. Additionally, you can drive the vehicle up to 400 miles during your 7-day period. You can still return or exchange the car if it's driven over 400 miles, however, for every additional mile after the 400-mile limit, we will charge you a fee of $1.00 per mile. Please note, we cannot accept an exchange or return where the car has been modified, damaged, or altered from its original condition when we delivered it to you. We also cannot accept an exchange or return if the car has been in an accident or has had a lien or other encumbrance put on the vehicle (other than the retail installment contract you signed with us).

Paintless dent repair is not a replacement for traditional body work. Paintless dent repair is designed to be able to reduce the amount of damage from small dings and dents (smaller than a quarter, typically). If you have had a collision, fender bender or accident, paintless dent repair cannot be used to fix it. We do have a full body shop that can work with your insurance company if you do need body repair that is beyond what paintless dent repair can fix.

Oil changes must be scheduled at any one of our locations with a service department. You may call 866-SVG-DEAL to schedule your oil change or you can schedule an appointment online at SVGMotors.com. You will receive two free oil changes per year for three consecutive years. Your three year term begins the day you take delivery of your vehicle. The free oil changes are applicable to gasoline vehicles only.

Your 3-month, 3000-mile warranty covers problems with the drivetrain such as engine or transmission problems that were not disclosed or known at the time of the sale. It does not cover any damage or alterations incurred after delivery of the vehicle (such as being involved in an accident, modifying or altering the vehicle or its drivetrain, use of unapproved accessories, etc.) We fully expect each customer to thoroughly inspect each vehicle they intend to buy before they make the purchase. Our technicians are highly trained, but occasionally problems can be missed, so it is important that you spend time inspecting the vehicle of your choice with your sales representative before committing to a purchase to identify any potential problems or issues. The decision to fix any issue post-sale is entirely up to the discretion of the SVG Management team and is fully binding.